Update README.md on linters
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2018-12-07 Mitja NikolausUpdate README.md on linters
2018-11-14 Mitja NikolausAdd Apache 2.0 license
2018-11-01 Mitja NikolausAdd migration for creation of Fairphone staff group
2018-10-12 Mitja NikolausAdd setup.py
2018-09-17 Mitja NikolausDrop support for SQLite databases
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausSet up test coverage tool
2018-08-24 Mitja NikolausEnforce pylint using a pre-commit hook
2018-08-24 Mitja NikolausSet up black formatter
2018-08-21 Mitja NikolausAdd reference to Google coding style in README
2018-08-20 Mitja NikolausAdd drf_yasg app for creating automated documentation
2018-08-17 Franz-Xaver GeigerDescribe command to add users to group
2018-08-03 Borjan TchakaloffSwitch to tox
2018-07-24 Mitja NikolausCreate virtual environment in .venv subfolder
2018-07-23 Mitja NikolausAdd setup and branching description to README.md