2018-12-07 Mitja NikolausUpdate on linters
2018-12-07 Mitja NikolausMake pylint pre-commit hook strict
2018-12-07 Mitja NikolausLock affected rows when assigning local IDs
2018-12-07 Mitja NikolausAdd test cases for local ID assignment race conditions
2018-12-07 Mitja NikolausEnable and fix skipped test cases
2018-12-06 Mitja NikolausDisallow duplicate heartbeats and crashreports
2018-12-06 Mitja NikolausAdd logging configuration for all apps
2018-12-06 Mitja NikolausDelete log files on instance deletion
2018-12-06 Mitja NikolausMerge common code of dummy testing classes
2018-12-06 Mitja NikolausDisallow API access for non-Fairphone-staff users
2018-12-05 Mitja NikolausReturn permission denied instead of redirecting in...
2018-11-23 Mitja NikolausUse Fairphone staff client instead of admin user for...
2018-11-23 Mitja NikolausDisable stats access for device owners
2018-11-21 Mitja NikolausReplace raw SQL queries with native Django code
2018-11-21 Mitja NikolausAdd fallback for the last_active date for devices witho...
2018-11-16 Mitja NikolausExtract get_object_by_lookup_fields method
2018-11-15 Mitja NikolausAdd to the package
2018-11-14 Mitja NikolausInclude HTML, CSS and JS files in package
2018-11-14 Mitja NikolausAdd missing files
2018-11-14 Mitja NikolausAdd Apache 2.0 license
2018-11-01 Mitja NikolausAdd migration for creation of Fairphone staff group
2018-11-01 Franz-Xaver... Move uploads directory configuration to storage API
2018-10-17 Mitja NikolausAdd author and update version in
2018-10-12 Mitja NikolausAdd
2018-10-12 Mitja NikolausAdd migration for new logfile paths
2018-10-11 Mitja NikolausAdd a teardown method to LogfileUploadTest
2018-10-11 Mitja NikolausImprove test for log file upload
2018-10-08 Mitja NikolausAdapt path where log files are stored
2018-10-05 Mitja NikolausUse compressed log file for upload test
2018-10-05 Mitja NikolausAdd tests for updating the stats version counters twice
2018-10-05 Mitja NikolausAdd tests for the stats reset command
2018-10-05 Mitja NikolausRefactor dummy version creation method
2018-10-05 Mitja NikolausAdd tests for creating stats from reports of different...
2018-10-04 Mitja NikolausRefactor crashreport stats view permissions
2018-10-04 Mitja NikolausAdd tests for the crashreport stats template tags
2018-10-04 Mitja NikolausAdd tests for the allauth social account adapters
2018-10-04 Franz-Xaver... Restrict coverage reports to local python files
2018-09-27 Franz-Xaver... Allow tox to pass through arguments
2018-09-27 Mitja NikolausRestructure tests into separate modules
2018-09-25 Mitja NikolausAdd tests for stats endpoints authorization
2018-09-19 Mitja NikolausAdd tests for statistics views
2018-09-17 Mitja NikolausAdd tests for the status endpoint
2018-09-17 Mitja NikolausFix parameter name in
2018-09-17 Mitja NikolausAdd tests for device statistics
2018-09-17 Mitja NikolausDrop support for SQLite databases
2018-09-14 Mitja NikolausAdd tests for updating the stats released_on field
2018-09-14 Mitja NikolausAdd tests for false duplicates
2018-09-14 Mitja NikolausUpdate requirements.txt
2018-09-14 Mitja NikolausRename misnamed class
2018-09-14 Mitja NikolausUpdate .gitignore
2018-09-14 Mitja NikolausDelete obsolete documentation file
2018-09-14 Mitja NikolausAdd documentation for authentication methods
2018-09-14 Mitja NikolausLog only exceptions that are unexpected
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausSet up test coverage tool
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausUpdate method signatures to match signatures of supercl...
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausImplement abstract method of superclass
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausRename misnamed variables
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausRemove FIXME and TODO comments
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausRemove unused format parameters
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausUse more pythonic way of checking whether list is empty
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausRemove unneccesary else statements after return
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausReplace bare except statement
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausFix too long lines
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausOrganize imports
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausReplace crashreport admin management classes with regis...
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausAdd missing docstrings
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausRemove unnecessary TEMPLATE_LOADERS setting
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausDelete unused code and empty file
2018-09-13 Mitja NikolausDelete all files
2018-09-11 Mitja NikolausAdd documentation for crashreport_stats endpoints
2018-09-07 Mitja NikolausAdd documentation for crashreports, heartbeats and...
2018-08-28 Mitja NikolausUse type hints instead of type declarations in docstrings
2018-08-24 Mitja NikolausDisable warning in pylint that causes false positives
2018-08-24 Mitja NikolausEnforce pylint using a pre-commit hook
2018-08-24 Mitja NikolausRefactor long strings to improve formatting
2018-08-24 Mitja NikolausFormat all python files using the formatter
2018-08-24 Mitja NikolausSet up black formatter
2018-08-22 Mitja NikolausSet max line length to 80
2018-08-21 Mitja NikolausAdd reference to Google coding style in README
2018-08-20 Mitja NikolausUpdate generated API documentation file
2018-08-20 Mitja NikolausAdd documentation for devices REST API
2018-08-20 Mitja NikolausAdd drf_yasg app for creating automated documentation
2018-08-17 Mitja NikolausUpdate django to 1.11.14
2018-08-17 Franz-Xaver... Describe command to add users to group
2018-08-17 Franz-Xaver... Fix: 'stats reset' command fails with AttributeError
2018-08-16 Borjan TchakaloffAdd tests for the stats commands debug output
2018-08-16 Mitja NikolausFix migrations for statsmetadata model
2018-08-16 Mitja NikolausDelete obsolete
2018-08-16 Borjan TchakaloffAdd tests to validate ignoring duplicate timestamps
2018-08-16 Borjan TchakaloffAdd tests for statistical database computation
2018-08-16 Mitja NikolausAdd tests for statistical database REST API
2018-08-14 Mitja NikolausRefactor device registration in test cases
2018-08-06 Borjan TchakaloffAdd management command to reset and update Hiccup stati...
2018-08-06 Borjan TchakaloffApply the linters to crashreport_stats/
2018-08-03 Borjan TchakaloffLet pylint validate the import order
2018-08-03 Borjan TchakaloffSwitch to tox
2018-07-31 Borjan TchakaloffExtend crashreport dummy data
2018-07-31 Franz-Xaver... Add constants for boot reasons
2018-07-31 Borjan TchakaloffRestrict the statistics access to staff members
2018-07-31 Borjan TchakaloffIntroduce REST endpoints for radio version models