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If you switch to Fairphone Open, all your data (including apps, messages and pictures) will be erased. Make sure to backup first!

Fairphone Open



If you are coming from Android 6, make sure to read Fairphone Open 19.02.1 release before installing the update to prevent data loss.

Upgrade from an earlier Fairphone Open build.

md5sum b2683186e250d6fbbb9d99fd8a58046f
sha256sum 7a36eb7e722e2f823eb228c9565c1d19febfdf1b3169c9e59b9791063647c045

Manual installation

Upgrade Fairphone Open using a script.

md5sum a6ca6085e87ac167dd975959fafaeee8
sha256sum b46c4987e41350a144c6c9e188f94169e1cd0b04b6f653ad12c77c3fc9d2a081

Manual switcher from Fairphone OS

Install Fairphone Open on a device running Fairphone OS.

md5sum 63e266cf1bee7e1197f4350c394910c4
sha256sum d8c5d9bc91d2192ae06980b5a0d6eba392c3c99dedbf6f3ffdf46f0715d2073a

Going back

Manual switcher to Fairphone OS

md5sum ecdacaca5b01863c29c90181196a0dc6
sha256sum 182df1043b07c571bae1159e9e499f0f2727a22b9d9b1a18976bbd705813aa50