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If you switch to Fairphone Open, all your data (including apps, messages and pictures) will be erased. Make sure to backup first!

Fairphone Open


Upgrade from an earlier Fairphone Open build.

md5sum 85c5c0ac8253444f043570dff50a7041
sha256sum c9b4f8bf97e4bc779945d413a8ede13716e2b449691f1f7b64d76d2b9db36bcb

Manual installation

Install Fairphone Open using a script.

md5sum 8311f4e988d06fd5bdc1627ecaf0041e
sha256sum f1c84680fd167cb1a94d0fb09fd4812f96b085c539d0e1917e377700562e382a

OTA Build switcher

Switch to Fairphone Open from a stock Fairphone.

md5sum bcb0f9057083b61735a01e8ff951229f
sha256sum 3f107adce21263aa861fb31b2d0a3a0fb8728392a1432a5025a6cb743aa2b9cf

Going back

OTA switcher

OTA for going back to Fairphone OS with Google Mobile Services.

This is also available through the Fairphone Updater.

md5sum 57071495db25e24c1f19841b99be1829
sha256sum 2e7a122e60adb892caae6113f35d3b1fb0eb430e7c845fb72676657d3d433441