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If you switch to Fairphone Open, all your data (including apps, messages and pictures) will be erased. Make sure to backup first!

Fairphone Open


Upgrade from an earlier Fairphone Open build.

md5sum 1054045c006ca11203954cf9ebfb6463
sha256sum 97b39681b773804c8e12177293171698395c43ad9458c7ba823c85c503f00500

Manual installation

Upgrade Fairphone Open using a script.

md5sum 68dca23a77e7c574bd8382955db7db8e
sha256sum c4f5264f583a50ba1b979a84d8ca8a5c03a87c0798e675981ebeea130e321b97

Manual switcher from Fairphone OS

Install Fairphone Open on a device running Fairphone OS.

md5sum 86cc761694047194cf4172a7752d9f10
sha256sum 21c163d7493504e11a4884a2276100d841d96cb7b3013936f11be874cc4f5d3c

Going back

Manual switcher to Fairphone OS

md5sum 3070b2d509dfbcd483b6a4328c2ee3b2
sha256sum ff68f5740e724aeb4fbea0b3c9c8b6d9b8cc6bee1e4d99ffcad8a562b28f288e