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If you switch to Fairphone Open, all your data (including apps, messages and pictures) will be erased. Make sure to backup first!

Fairphone Open



Make sure to read Fairphone Open 18.10.0 release before installing the update to prevent data loss.

Upgrade from an earlier Fairphone Open build.

md5sum bb7b6ce6add71a1d923e17b65e91b171
sha256sum 75f3bc7b744b714b1b44fef50a5d7cb5ed60014f189b692bcbb944ec82865660

Manual installation

Upgrade Fairphone Open using a script.

md5sum 255b7b787ffb43c41210a42325df66f8
sha256sum 4b52e477c6c28a5fdb3a1b78a97eff0dd51c3111061dfc62ed784e6c57ca5ba6

Manual switcher from Fairphone OS

Install Fairphone Open on a device running Fairphone OS.

md5sum 9fee985c78c4134087f521c3d33d523d
sha256sum b4c8fc6cd6acf79a8cc204172eb041f9ec7e67f01810cbe9b0e2935c1a15480f

Going back

Manual switcher to Fairphone OS

md5sum bf8c0c15c082e593fd43c45c106e9661
sha256sum dff25033ae661e72c3299d3fcfcbe86aad486e69037edb540f6aaf9d1039bd53