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If you switch to Fairphone Open, all your data (including apps, messages and pictures) will be erased. Make sure to backup first!

Fairphone Open



If you are coming from Android 6, make sure to read Fairphone Open 19.02.1 release before installing the update to prevent data loss.

Upgrade from an earlier Fairphone Open build.

md5sum a50aec79ee5026fcf30bd83cb75ff82e
sha256sum cbf5444e36b7ee6ae2cd74bc487c6148473e1a718cb5b60ac8f4ef0a0d429e80

Manual installation

Upgrade Fairphone Open using a script.

md5sum 178eac40657953ac996579e411795b0e
sha256sum 5edbb144bb0d54a3ee7d5059d79005175923156ebe4cabcef55ec8e0a9689b68

Manual switcher from Fairphone OS

Install Fairphone Open on a device running Fairphone OS.

md5sum c10d5aa36626610ecc43427239bd8b12
sha256sum b0504ecd9ebeaa8503cc8b73a3b2db14c67140ae43504b8127525e0f55101545

Going back

Manual switcher to Fairphone OS

md5sum 0dd17297a4aee2700ade64dd2cb5a903
sha256sum 3737144ee9f6c77419f2c073301c04784f55669ed2609cfdfe76175c0dd71f13