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Open Source at Fairphone

At Fairphone we embrace open source as a tool to bring more fairness to software. Applying that principle to our phones, we believe that by publishing as much source code as we legally can, we can build trust with the community, support the software long after the phone is launched and put users in control. Because if you can’t open it, you don’t own it.

This website is dedicated to the source code of the operating systems that power our Fairphones. That includes, but is not limited to, the Android framework, the Linux kernel and associated binary blobs. Here you will will instructions on how to access the source code and binary blobs of your Fairphone, and learn how you can build your own version of the operating system.

In addition we invite you to take part in our open source efforts, so therefore you will also find instructions on how to contribute code back to us.

Check out the menu on the left to discover what is available for your Fairphone.

Are you looking for our other open sourcing efforts? Head over to GitHub to find out more.


For any questions or comments, head over to the Fairphone Community Forum and leave us a message or start a conversation with other members of our great community.

You can also join the conversation on Matrix at #wearefairphone:matrix.org.