Fairphone Open 16.09.0 release

Fairphone Open 16.09.0 has been released. You can get it through the updater or by downloading in the download section of this site.


Fairphone Open 16.09.0 includes all the relevant fixes found in Fairphone OS 1.7.1.

The “manual update image” no longer wipes userdata. When using the “manual update image” to switch from Fairphone OS to Fairphone Open, the user must erase userdata from the recovery mode (“wipe data/factory reset”).


Wiping the userdata with fastboot (fastboot -w) will break the encryption facility. A factory data reset would be needed to be able to encrypt the device.


  • Improved proximity sensor calibration
  • Security fixes (*) (Android public security buletin from September, including full QuadRooter fix)


(*)Security fixes:

CVE-2013-7446, CVE-2014-4655, CVE-2014-9529, CVE-2015-3843, CVE-2016-0774, CVE-2016-2427, CVE-2016-2495, CVE-2016-3134, CVE-2016-3822, CVE-2016-3824, CVE-2016-3826, CVE-2016-3859, CVE-2016-3861, CVE-2016-3862, CVE-2016-3863, CVE-2016-3865, CVE-2016-3867, CVE-2016-3870, CVE-2016-3871, CVE-2016-3872, CVE-2016-3879, CVE-2016-3880, CVE-2016-3881, CVE-2016-3883, CVE-2016-3885, CVE-2016-3888, CVE-2016-3890, CVE-2016-3892, CVE-2016-3893, CVE-2016-3896, CVE-2016-3897, CVE-2016-3898, CVE-2016-3899, CVE-2016-4470, CVE-2016-4805, CVE-2016-4998, CVE-2016-5340