Fairphone Open 17.01.0 release

Fairphone Open 17.01.0 has been release. You can get it through the updater, or by downloading in the download section of this site.

Fairphone Open 17.01.0 includes all the security fixes found in Fairphone OS 1.11.1.


  • Security fixes (*) (Android public security bulletin for January 2017)
  • Integrate patch prefering /sbin/sh for adb in recovery, fixing adb shell in recovery
  • Integrate patch fixing build on Ubuntu 15.10
  • Integrate patch fixing build on Mac OSX 10.10 and 10.11
  • Fix issue with time retention over reboots
  • Camera improvements:
    • Corrected flash brightness
    • Improved autofocus in video mode
    • Improved automatic white balance stability for mixed light conditions
    • Improved brightness in all conditions
    • Improved contrast of images - dark areas are more visible
    • Improved exposure stability
    • Improved frame rate in video mode
    • Improved noise level in all conditions
    • Improved saturation in shadows
    • Improved saturation of outdoor images
  • Improved visibility of the new icons introduced in Fairphone Open 16.12. (Fairphone Updater, Notifications and Phone app)


(*) Security fixes:

CVE-2014-9420, CVE-2015-3288, CVE-2016-3911, CVE-2016-6710, CVE-2016-7042, CVE-2016-8422, CVE-2016-8444, CVE-2016-8450, CVE-2016-8452, CVE-2016-8458, CVE-2016-9754, CVE-2017-0381, CVE-2017-0382, CVE-2017-0384, CVE-2017-0385, CVE-2017-0386, CVE-2017-0387, CVE-2017-0390, CVE-2017-0392, CVE-2017-0393, CVE-2017-0394, CVE-2017-0395, CVE-2017-0396, CVE-2017-0397, CVE-2017-0398, CVE-2017-0399, CVE-2017-0400, CVE-2017-0402, CVE-2017-0403, CVE-2017-0404