Fairphone Open 17.06.4 release

Fairphone Open 17.06.4 has been released. You can get it through the updater, or by downloading in the download section of this site.

Fairphone Open 17.06.4 is the first Fairphone Open release based on Android 6.

Security fixes

Android Public Security Bulletin from June (partial).

Please note: Due to missing platform vendor specific patches, the Android security patch level is May 1, 2017.

Protecting our users is our top priority, and as this month’s software update addresses some important security issues, we have decided to not wait with releasing this month’s update. We are working closely with our platform vendor to address the remaining issues as quickly as possible.


Security fixes:

June 2017

CVE-2015-8871, CVE-2016-1839, CVE-2016-4658, CVE-2016-5131, CVE-2016-5861, CVE-2017-0391, CVE-2017-0637, CVE-2017-0639, CVE-2017-0640, CVE-2017-0641, CVE-2017-0642, CVE-2017-0643, CVE-2017-0644, CVE-2017-0645, CVE-2017-0646, CVE-2017-0647, CVE-2017-0648, CVE-2017-0650, CVE-2017-0663, CVE-2017-5056, CVE-2017-7367, CVE-2017-7368, CVE-2017-7373, CVE-2017-7375, CVE-2017-7376, CVE-2017-8236, CVE-2017-8241, CVE-2017-8242

May 2017

CVE-2015-7555, CVE-2015-9004, CVE-2016-10275, CVE-2016-10276, CVE-2016-10283, CVE-2016-10284, CVE-2016-10289, CVE-2016-10291, CVE-2016-5131, CVE-2016-5347, CVE-2016-5858, CVE-2016-5859, CVE-2016-5867, CVE-2016-7056, CVE-2016-9794, CVE-2017-0587, CVE-2017-0588, CVE-2017-0589, CVE-2017-0590, CVE-2017-0591, CVE-2017-0592, CVE-2017-0593, CVE-2017-0594, CVE-2017-0595, CVE-2017-0596, CVE-2017-0597, CVE-2017-0598, CVE-2017-0599, CVE-2017-0600, CVE-2017-0602, CVE-2017-0603, CVE-2017-0605, CVE-2017-0607, CVE-2017-0608, CVE-2017-0610, CVE-2017-0611, CVE-2017-0613, CVE-2017-0614, CVE-2017-0620, CVE-2017-0622, CVE-2017-0626, CVE-2017-0627, CVE-2017-0630, CVE-2017-0632, CVE-2017-0634, CVE-2017-7184