Fairphone Open 17.10.1 release

Fairphone Open 17.10.1 has been released. You can get it through the updater, or by download in the download section of this site.

  • Improved focussing in panorama mode (new camera module)

Security fixes

Android public security bulletin from October (patch level October 5 2017).

CVE-2017-0806, CVE-2017-0809, CVE-2017-0810, CVE-2017-0811, CVE-2017-0814, CVE-2017-0815, CVE-2017-0816, CVE-2017-0817, CVE-2017-0818, CVE-2017-0819, CVE-2017-0820, CVE-2017-0822, CVE-2017-0823, CVE-2017-14496, CVE-2017-9714, CVE-2017-14496