Fairphone Open 16.05.0 released

EDIT: The setup wizard is missing in this release and will be included in the next release.

As of today Fairphone Open, formerly known as Fairphone Open Source OS is available in version 16.05.0 through the updater and for download (source and binary) on this site.


FP2 Open 16.05.0 includes all the fixes found in Fairphone OS 1.3.6. Further, we added a Setup Wizard to fix the time issue on first boot and it is now possible to use the unified location provider.


Security fixes (Google Public Security bulletin from May)

Improved Bluetooth audio quality and device compatibility (i.e. wireless headsets, car audio system, etc.)

Improved display backlight stability (“flickering screen”)

Fixed the Privacy Impact behavior that caused certain apps to stop functioning properly once the Privacy Impact pop-up was disabled

Initial improvements for camera noise reduction in low-light conditions

Setup Wizard on first boot

Unified Location provider (Thanks Jochen)


Fixed the Wi-Fi overview that was partially hidden by the software buttons

Disabled quickboot feature as it might cause an infinite boot loop

Improved translations of Fairphone widgets/lockscreen in many languages

Improved Fairphone Updater

Improved mobile data icons

Fixed MMS configurations for certain networks

Security fixes: CVE-2015-0571, CVE-2016-0705, CVE-2016-2447 to CVE-2016-2452, CVE-2016-2457 to CVE-2016-2460