Fairphone Open 16.06.0 released

Fairphone Open 16.06.0 has been released. You can get it through the updater or by downloading (source and binary) on this site.


Fairphone Open 16.06.0 includes all the fixes found in Fairphone OS 1.4.2, fixes the charging mode and includes a setup wizard.


Security fixes* (Android Public Security Bulletin from June)

Fixed charging mode

Setup wizard

Device stability improvements

Updated rear camera image sensor settings to reduce noise and improve general image quality


Introduced adjustable brightness for wallpapers (in Settings > Display > Wallpaper)

Fixed disappearing Portable Wi-Fi hotspot icon in Quick Settings

Fixed distorted Clock widget when using increased system font size

Fixed translation errors for several languages in the lockscreen Clock widget

Fixed the ownership duration in the lockscreen Clock widget

Fixed SIM configuration query loop issue with some specific MNO SIM cards

Improved built-in apps: Calculator, Email and Sound Recorder

Improved Fairphone Updater

Improved Fairphone Launcher

Changed behaviour of the physical camera button in video recording mode

*Security fixes: CVE-2015-3847, CVE-2016-0830, CVE-2016-0847, CVE-2016-2062, CVE-2016-2428, CVE-2016-2463 to CVE-2016-2465, CVE-2016-2467, CVE-2016-2469, CVE-2016-2474, CVE-2016-2488, CVE-2016-2489, CVE-2016-2494 to CVE-2016-2496, CVE-2016-2499, CVE-2016-2500