Fairphone Open 17.12.1 release

Fairphone Open 17.12.1 has been released. You can get it through the updater, or by download in the download section of this site.

The installation images for switching between Fairphone Open and Fairphone OS have been overhauled, switching between the releases is now done using manual installation images that use fastboot.

Security fixes

Android public security bulletin for December (patch level December 1 2017):

CVE-2015-3868, CVE-2017-0807, CVE-2017-0837, CVE-2017-0870, CVE-2017-0873, CVE-2017-0874, CVE-2017-0879, CVE-2017-13148, CVE-2017-13149, CVE-2017-13150, CVE-2017-13151, CVE-2017-13152, CVE-2017-13154, CVE-2017-13156, CVE-2017-13157, CVE-2017-13158, CVE-2017-13159, CVE-2017-13163, CVE-2017-13165, CVE-2017-15868