Fairphone Open 18.10.0 release

Fairphone Open 18.10.0 has been released. It is the first Fairphone Open release based on Android 7.


Changes from the previous Fairphone Open release (18.04.1).

Please report any (new) issues through the public bugtracker. As usual, please specify the steps to reproduce, and provide as many details as possible.

Installation procedure

You can choose between two ways of updating. Either way works equally well:

  • Over the Air (OTA) Update

  • Manual installation

OTA update (with the Updater)

  1. Install the Android 7 preparation update (Fairphone Open 18.04.3) through the Updater;

  2. From Fairphone Open 18.04.3, install Fairphone Open 18.10.0. This is the upgrade to Android 7.

Manual installation (with fastboot)


The Android 7 upgrade cannot be installed on encrypted devices with secure start-up enabled. Please disable secure start-up first: go to security settings and re-enter your current screen lock, but leave secure start-up disabled. You should undo this after installing the update.


If you do encounter the decryption issue after upgrading to Android 7, do not wipe your data. You can flash Android 6 to get your data back and follow the workaround on the bugtracker to install Android 7.

  1. Download the manual installation archive for Fairphone Open 18.10.0

  2. Extract the archive;

  3. Turn your phone off;

  4. Connect your Fairphone 2 in fastboot mode;

  5. Execute the flashing script:

    • flash-for-unix.sh on GNU/Linux,

    • flash-for-mac.command on macOS, and

    • flash-for-windows.bat on Windows;

  6. Press Enter once the Fairphone 2 has been flashed and let the system boot up.