Fairphone Open 22.06.0-rel.0 release

Fairphone Open 22.06.0-rel.0 has been released. You can get it through the updater, or by download in the download section of this site.

  • Update mainline modules

  • Update Chromium WebView to version 102.0.5005.113

  • 2022-06-05 security patch level

Security fixes

from the Android Security Bulletin—May 2022:

CVE-2021-39700, CVE-2022-20004, CVE-2022-20005, CVE-2022-20007, CVE-2022-20009, CVE-2022-20011, CVE-2022-20112, CVE-2022-20114, CVE-2022-22064, CVE-2022-22065

from the Android Security Bulletin—June 2022:

CVE-2021-0506, CVE-2021-39671, CVE-2021-39691, CVE-2022-20006, CVE-2022-20123, CVE-2022-20124, CVE-2022-20126, CVE-2022-20127, CVE-2022-20129, CVE-2022-20130, CVE-2022-20131, CVE-2022-20132, CVE-2022-20133, CVE-2022-20134, CVE-2022-20135, CVE-2022-20136, CVE-2022-20138, CVE-2022-20141, CVE-2022-20142, CVE-2022-20143, CVE-2022-20144, CVE-2022-20147, CVE-2022-24958

Please report any (new) issues through the public issue tracker. As usual, please specify the steps to reproduce, and provide as many details as possible.