Android 9 public source release

We’ve been working on Android 9 for Fairphone 2 for over a year now. So far the focus has been on obtaining Google approval for Fairphone OS, since that is what most of our users use. Therefore, Fairphone Open has not been available yet in the Android 9 beta testing program.

However, we still want Fairphone 2’s software to be as open as possible. Therefore, we are now publishing the Android 9 source code of Fairphone Open. From the public sources, you can build Fairphone Open already, even though it is still missing a few crucial features.

You can find instructions for downloading the source and making a build on the Build instructions page.

Please have a look at the related topic in our community forum. There we will keep you updated on missing features specific to Fairphone Open. Also, we would be happy to receive contributions from you on our all-new public Gerrit instance . At the moment we cannot promise quick response times, but are still always happy to receive input and suggestions with our community!